Book List 2010.

I set an ambitious goal of reading a book a week (52) in 2010. It looks like I will end up at 47 if I finish the three I am currently working on. If you are curious, the whole list can be found here. Here were my 4 clear cut favorites of the year.

1. Orbiting the Giant Hairball by Gordon MacKenzie- Read as an assignment for the YMCP, this book is a primer on creativity. I was truly blown away by the simple advice on how remain yourself and contribute creatively in a corporate culture. A must read.

2. The Next Christians by Gabe Lyons- This is the kind of book I usually hate. Generally books written to try and make people who are trying to do something for Christ feel guilty are anathema to me. However, this book has a profound gentleness with which it tries to promote an increased involvement of Christians as influencers in all places in society without losing the heart of the Word and the Gospel.

3. Rework by Jason Fried- Tons of brilliant contrarian advice on workplace success and productivity, this book crystalized lots of things i have pondering but hadn’t put into words.

4. Playing Their Hearts Out by George Dohrmann- On a base level it is the eight year story of brilliantly talented basketball prospects and their coach. I literally could not put it down because it showed  so much about parenting, projecting dreams onto  people, and the lengths people are willing to go to escape poverty.

What should I read next year?

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One Response to Book List 2010.

  1. Brent Blaudow says:

    Son of Hamas by Mosab Hassan Yousef is a picture of how Christ is working in the Middle East in the Islamic community. Also, Joel Rosenberg is active in the Middle East and Biblical prophecy. He has written 2 good non-fiction books: Epicenter and Inside the Revolution, and a few fiction books: The Last Jihad, The Last Days, The Ezekiel Option, The Copper Scroll, and Dead Heat (these 5 are a series) as well as his new book: The Twelfth Imam (first book in new series).
    Not sure if you are interested in mountain climbing, but if you haven’t read Into Thin Air by John Krakauer, it’s fantastic….one of my all time favorites. Enjoy, and thanks for posting your list!

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