The Best Blogs I read.

At Harvest University this week I talked about being a pirate and stealing ideas for youth group. I mentioned that I subscribed to numerous youth ministry blogs, here are the best ones that I would recommend to you if you don’t already read them often. – game ideas / logo ideas / video ideas – kind of the flagship youth blog – josh griffin – he posts a lot. – one of the best minds in youth ministry today – great to read his insights into students – i would also strongly recommend his book – “Youth Ministry 3.0″ – GREAT tech ideas – great place for ideas – i just recently subscribed to this

These are the best of the best – let me know if you have a great one I have missed!

About Pastor Landon

we are brothers. we love Jesus, students, each other, music, reality tv, and creativity. these are our thoughts. we work at Harvest Bible Chapel in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. And yes, he is our dad.
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One Response to The Best Blogs I read.

  1. Jon Sodeman says:

    Thanks for all the links Landon – I’m excited about the new youth year already, thanks for the extra injection of ideas

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