Youth Room Playlist May 2012

New Playlist for the Youth Room May 2012 followed by Genre for your reading enjoyment.

1. Sing Sang Sung (Black Moth Super Rainbow Remix) – Air – Electronic Pop
2. Simple Song – The Shins – Pop/Mom Rock
3. Born to Lose – Sleigh Bells – 70’s Hair Metal/Bubblegum Electronica
4. Sidewalk Safari – Chairlift – 80’s Obsessed Girl Pop
5. Teenage Dreams – Nada Surf – Rock/Pop/Surf Pop
6. California – Delta Spirit – Rock/Pop
7. Sweet Sour – Band of Skulls – Rock and Roll/Rock and Roll
8. Hold On – Alabama Shakes – Alt. Country/Pop/Girls who sing like guys
9. Troublemaker – Beach House – Dream Pop
10. Dour Percentage – Of Montreal – Indie Pop/Electronica
11. It’s Real – Real Estate – Hipster Pop

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About brothersmacdonald

we are brothers. we love Jesus, students, each other, music, reality tv, and creativity. these are our thoughts. we work at Harvest Bible Chapel in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. And yes, he is our dad.
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2 Responses to Youth Room Playlist May 2012

  1. leroy h. says:

    hi kids. sounds like you guys have lots of fun. please think about equiping your fellowship for the battle like when the doorbell rings and some smiling cult members are on your porch. what would you do? they will want to tell you about jesus. are you ready for it? can you save their souls and show them from the holy bible the truth? what about muslims? guys more youth are turning to islam here in usa than christ. does your fellowship know what they think about jesus. if you know the truth are you saving souls. it is a hard battle guys i pray you will bear much fruit. blessings.

    • in my experience, more kids leave the faith for emotional and social reasons than theological reasons. i have seen zero kids leave the faith for another religion or leave the faith because they didn’t think the Bible was reliable or Christianity was true. I have seen dozens of kids walk away from the Lord because they have a sin problem they won’t deal with, or because they haven’t experienced God fully enough, or they are foolish and think the world has more to offer.

      Still though, we do a Spring Break trip to North Carolina which hundreds of students have gone on, that all we do is go over the reasons we believe why we believe from Scripture and theology books. There is a post a few months back where we explain kind of what we did, and shows some of the videos.

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