Some Things I Have Been Thinking About Lately.

Stuff I didn’t feel like Tweeting or polluting Facebook with… 

– The current obsession from both sides of the aisle to assign morality and motive to church size is asinine. People reaching a lot of people aren’t necessarily egotistical and/or power obsessed. The people reaching a few aren’t necessarily lazy and/or jealous. However, blindly reaching for more no matter what it takes ensure compromise and reveling in smallness can’t co-exist with the Great Commission. Jesus parable about the talents is lost on some people.

– It is becoming clearer and clearer to me that the key to leadership is security. Insecure people are jealous, easily offended, and worried about being outshined. Secure people see success as leveraging those around them and being honest about their strengths/weaknesses. Secure leaders don’t mind not knowing all the answers and revel in seeing the growth of others. 

– Pastoring people through the stages of life is an immense joy. Weddings, funerals, baby’s born, kids going to college, and all the littles ones in between make the fabric of a joyful ministry. People who outsource all of that stuff are mega missing out + not fulfilling the call of a pastor. Finding ways to stay involved on the ground level is critical. 

– Secret sin is so destructive. The way it destroys marriages + families is so disheartening. A couple weeks ago on Mad Men, divorced forced absentee dad Don Draper had the perfect line to his philandering protege Pete Campbell, ‘Because I am who I am and I’ve been where I’ve been, let me tell you, you only get one chance at what you have.’  

–  Getting up each day to do something I love, with people I enjoy, at something that makes a difference, in a way that provides for my family is a privilege beyond measure. Those 4 factors are not present for so many faithful people who tithe to allow me to work for the gospel. I MUST honor them with my character and effort everyday.

what are you thinking about?


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About Pastor Landon

we are brothers. we love Jesus, students, each other, music, reality tv, and creativity. these are our thoughts. we work at Harvest Bible Chapel in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. And yes, he is our dad.
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12 Responses to Some Things I Have Been Thinking About Lately.

  1. Lori Ridder says:

    great thoughts…intrigued that you also are a Mad Men fan. I recognized that quote from Megan in one of your tweets and it took me by surprise. I don’t know anyone else that watches that show! Glad to know I’m not alone.

  2. Marcus Stinson says:

    I’ve seen insecure people lead and be successful by many measures, i.e., accomplishments. I’ve not seen insecure leaders do so in a God-honoring way, and not without leaving a lot of damaged people in their wake. I do think sometimes introversion is mistaken for insecurity, and I have seen God-honoring, successful leadership by introverts

  3. Andy says:

    ” what are you thinking about? ”

    In no particular order?

    I’m constantly amazed that I can have read a particular verse what seems like a hundred times and suddenly see something completely new. It’s like a light bulb goes off.

    The gay marriage debate is something that actually has my attention. It’s interesting to see the varied reactions from people on both sides.

    I’m almost distraught that my Minnesota Twins are the worst team in baseball.

    AMC. The Walking Dead, zombie apocalypse. Now that’s tv.

    Recently I read a devotional that was written like an apology, complete with footnotes and references. It was a charming read in itself but I wonder sometimes if we miss the complete simplicity of the Gospel.

    I have three chihuahua’s. Two girls and a boy. It’s an interesting dynamic.

    I think I’ll grill brats tonight for supper.

  4. renee says:

    well-said thoughts. on my mind: to put forth effort and be God-honoring in my work; to grow and learn as a teacher, and yet not be defined by what I do (but rather by what God says of me in His word) is challenging in our performance-driven, appearance-obsessed culture.

  5. Andy says:

    Today I’m thinking that this woman’s voice just melts my heart, Perpetuum Jazzile if you’ve never heard them. Slovenian choir. Their stuff is really good. Click on the ‘ Africa ‘ video as well. Very cool.

  6. timy says:

    We had senior send off for our harvest hs ministry last night and I was amazed that God used me to impact students for Him. We grew together over the last two years and God moved in myself and our group. We merely did life together. feeling so blessed. I am reminded that only God makes us grow.

    • Praise the Lord. It so joyous and saddening to see students go. What a polarizing feeling. Always hoping they make it out there for the Lord.

      • timy says:

        Agreed, in my hs youth group, a disturbingly high percentage walked away from the Lord in college though I now wonder if they genuinely ever knew Him.

  7. Kyle Rivas says:

    God decides to create, even though he is self sufficient, a world in which the vast majority will be in torment forever so that a ‘few’ will enjoy eternity with him. Please explain.

  8. Steve Martin says:

    He (God) deires that all would come to Him. But not all do. He takes no delight in the lost.

    Why some hear the gospel and come to faith, and others do not…is a mystery.


    If we do hear it, God gets the credit. But if we don’t hear it, we ought the blame. For God is righteous and just…and we are not. Hard pill to swallow, maybe. But it’s all we’ve got.

    • Kyle rivas says:

      You miss the point. Lets say god made 10 people. Lets say only 2 find him (the way is narrow/only a few find it). That means so that 2 people can be happy 8 burn in hell. God knew this. It would have been better for him not to create at all.

      Or another way. You have a family of 5. Lets say only you truly accept christ. You go to heaven to praise god while your family screams in agony for eternity. Wouldnt you rather have never been born that for that to happen? I submit you would.

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