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we are brothers. we love Jesus, students, each other, music, reality tv, and creativity. these are our thoughts. we work at Harvest Bible Chapel in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. And yes, he is our dad.

Trust + Branching Out.

My friend Marko has an event coming up. It is called The Summit. I am working on taking a whole van full of guys to it. Why? Mainly because it is really easy to listen to people you agree with … Continue reading

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We are in a series called GO5PEL – explaining the Gospel in 5 words and colors for the students, helping them grasp the concepts in a way they can continually share with friends. GOD – WHiTE SiN – BLACK SUBSTiTUTiON … Continue reading

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Student Ministry Values – #1 – Expectant.

This is a series on the 6 values we have adopted as our shaping values for Harvest Student Ministry. We use these in many ways. Not just on mugs or on the wall (although those places too) we use these … Continue reading

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Prayer + Preparation.

Our summer camp for Harvest HS is coming up in a few weeks. This will be my 5th year overseeing the camp itself and that is after 4 years of leading worship at it. Over time I have seen this … Continue reading

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April – June Book Reviews.

Prince Caspian: The Return to Narnia by C.S. Lewis My rating: 4 of 5 stars A beautiful story that metaphorically teaches the lifelong lesson of following God’s lead no matter. This comment from Aslan the lion has stuck with me, … Continue reading

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Some Things I Have Been Thinking About Lately.

Stuff I didn’t feel like Tweeting or polluting Facebook with…  – The current obsession from both sides of the aisle to assign morality and motive to church size is asinine. People reaching a lot of people aren’t necessarily egotistical and/or … Continue reading

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Sunday 5/6/12

This Sunday was the last week of our interruptions series. We had powerful worship and teaching on the truth always coming out. In addition we added elements to keep small groups fresh. In Junior High we gave every small group … Continue reading

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