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this is something i put together for our all staff yesterday – it went over really well – feel completely free to take the idea. enjoy!

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>pick any number 2-9. multiply it by 9. take the numbers 2 digits and add them. add your age to that number. add the age of your mother when you were born. subtract the number you originally chose. pick whichever … Continue reading

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lalalandon’s music march 2011 Part One

some of the records i checked out this month Wounded Rhymes by Lykke Li My Rating : 8.5 out of 10. Europop. 2011.  In a scene of sound collages, Lykke Li stands out as a songwriter.  A 50’s voice with … Continue reading

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>the bachelor episode VI revenge of the sith

>this has been an incredible journey for me. i knew i would fall in love with these people when i came in. i cant believe i can only choose one to spend the rest of my life with. leia – … Continue reading

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>deck of the future

>i am at a camp right now. at this camp there has been a sign for a “future deck” for about five years. everyone always wondered what this deck of the future would be like when it was finally built. … Continue reading

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K-Love is the BEST. EVER. <3.

this week someone played a very original and hilarious (it was not original or hilarious in any way) practical joke on me and wrote “i love KLove” on my facebook cause i left it on or something. in case you … Continue reading

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> i just met a bro named “hugs”. everyone calls him “hugs”. “hugs” has been meeting a lot of people to. UM —– “hugs” SHAKES PEOPLES HANDS WHEN HE MEETS THEM. um. i cant understand yet how “hugs” got this … Continue reading

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