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You Say ____ I Hear ____.

DISCLAIMER:This is a little tongue-in-cheek, but I had a root canal today and I am feeling a little ornery. :) You Say: Organic — I Hear: Pretentious You Say: Sleep Training — I Hear: Inflexible You Say: Home School. — … Continue reading

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Relationship & Proclamation.

I have been thinking a lot about the relationship between relationship and proclamation. Sometimes it feels like the guy standing on the street corner shouting about Jesus is crazy even though John the Baptist probably had the same look and … Continue reading

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How I Pick My Bracket…

The NCAA Tournament is my favorite event of the year. Since I was 8 or 9, I took off school/work the first two days to watch the games and run a pool (since the days when people turned them in … Continue reading

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Things People Say: Volume 2.

Real followers of Christ ‘Walk with a limp.’ I can truly say that until the last few weeks I had no idea what that meant. I always understood the premise that like Jacob when he wrestled with God, people who … Continue reading

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Can’t Sleep because…

I can’t sleep right now. Because I am anxious. Because I am not trusting God enough. Because I am weak. Because sometimes I trust things more than Him. and even then, He loves and knows and forgives and heals.

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Things People Say: Volume 1

“The Church should not be known for what it is against, but rather for what it is for.” I appreciate the anti-legalism anti-anger sentiment expressed in this type of thinking, but I find it to be reductionistic. Athanasius Martin Luther. … Continue reading

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K-Love is the BEST. EVER. <3.

this week someone played a very original and hilarious (it was not original or hilarious in any way) practical joke on me and wrote “i love KLove” on my facebook cause i left it on or something. in case you … Continue reading

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